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Executive Team

In line with the mission of SVK, the Executive Team is responsible for making important decisions and for providing appropriate directions to the organization and all its individual teams. It is the core committee that churns the rhythm and movements of every activity that is being performed.

Website Team

Website Team is responsible for designing the complete webpage. They are responsible for creating content and also regularly manage the content created. They ensure that the website is mobile friendly and is also easy to navigate along with being responsive. They upload important information such as calendar events, information about the temple organization, contact information, address / venue of the event, etc.

Pooja Team

The primary responsibility of the Pooja team is to create the temple calendar with relevant activities that are to be performed on monthly basis. They are in charge of maintaining the complete inventory of the Pooja material and ensure all requisite items are procured promptly before the event. They track all the activities diligent and ensure end to end execution as mentioned in the temple calendar. They take all requisite measures to ensure that devotees receive a blissful experience in all the celebrations that are being performed.

Finance Team

The finance team is very critical and plays a major role here. They are responsible for decisions and control, capital budgeting, fund management, cash flow management, and record keeping. They also manage fund acquisitions and management of the acquired funds. They maintain data that helps the core team to make financial decisions, prepare budgets, and assist in audits.

The Decor Team

The Decorations Team is responsible for preparing everything that is required to make people comfortable and experiencing bliss for the event that is being performed. They ensure that the space is made asthetical and pleasing and functionally useful for the occupants. They set the ambiance and accentuate the beauty of the stage.

Architecture Team

Architecture team plans, develops, and implements the construction of the temple building as the prescribed Aagama Shatras specifications. They perform required research, approach specialists, provide feasibility reports, share estimated costs, determine estimated timelines, and oversee the complete construction process. They are also in charge of ensuring that the temple structure is built as per the approved local norms and regulations. Requisite legal and regulatory requirements are also taken care of by them. They strive to maintain the aesthetic aspect of the temple construction.

Naivedyam / Prasadam Team

Naivedyam is food offered to the Almighty. Once the food is offered, it become Prasadam which is distributed to all the devotees present there. The Naivedyam team ensures that sufficient Naivedyam is cooked so that prasadam is available for every devotee who visits the temple. All the required cutlery inventory required for prasadam distribution is maintained by the Naivedyam team.

Volunteers Team

Volunteers are the backbone for the successful execution of any event. Likewise, the SVK Volunteers team are the silent hands behind every show. They take turns and ensure that all pooja activities are performed seamlessly and smoothly. Specific roles and responsibilities are assigned to the volunteers based on the size and depth of the event. The Volunteers can approach Team SVK at any given point in time to participate in the Seva.

Audio/ Video Team

The Audio/ Video teams are responsible for capturing important events via photographs and videos. The captured photos and videos are later uploaded in the SVK website for everyone’s view. They ensure that the Audio system is set appropriately, ensuring good audio and visual effect is available for devotees present there. The required lighting for the given events is also taken care of by this team.